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1856 Large Cent PCGS graded as MS62BN with the Slanted 5 Variety in uncirculated condition

We sell & buy Half & Large Cents & Colonial coins in Raleigh

Sell your Colonial coins,Half & Large Cents for the highest value at Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers

 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is a well trusted coin dealer in Raleigh,NC. Our founder Louis Gouchie has been collecting coins for over 40 Years and has been a full time coin dealer in Raleigh for over 20 Years. As such he has helped thousands of people with buying & selling their rare coins for the best possible prices. We buy Colonial coins, Half Cents & Large Cents and even Indian Head pennies & Two cent pieces. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers also buys Hard Time Tokens as long as they are in at least very good condition. Not holed or damaged coins. We pay the most cash for Large cents at our Raleigh coin shop.


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Pays More For High Quality Early Copper Coins ! 

 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is a well trusted coin dealer in Raleigh,NC. Our founder Louis Gouchie has been collecting coins for over 40 Years and has been a full time coin dealer in Raleigh for over 20 Years. As such he has helped thousands of people with buying & selling their rare coins for the best possible prices. We buy Colonial coins, Half Cents & Large Cents, Rare Pattern coins,and even Indian Head pennies & Two cent pieces for the highest cash offer 

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We are the best and most highly trained numismatists in Raleigh who weekly buy & sell copper coins as the best coin buyers in the Carolina's. We are buying early Colonial copper coins like the Fugio cents, Nova Constellatio, Voce Populi & the Virginia Half Pennies.  ANA trained with Certificates in both US coin grading and counterfeit detection. That is just one reason RGCD is the best place to buy or sell your Antique copper coins in Raleigh,NC.  

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Pays More For High Quality Early Copper Coins ! 

 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is an online coin dealer. We are the best coin & currency dealers in North Carolina, we sell early copper coins & currency online and buy online as well. Just ship your Colonial coins or Half Cents & Large Cents fully Insured b call first for more info. DO NOT MAIL YOUR VALUABLE COINS & CURRENCY UNINSURED !! 

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Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys Connecticut Coppers. These were made over a period of four years from 1785 to 1788. This area is of great interest to copper collectors because of the many different styles that are included in the series. We buy any New York Copper coins of any variety or design types. We also buy the New Jersey Coppers which feature a interesting design with a horse's head and plow.

Vermont Coppers were issued from 1785 to 1788 in America's fourteenth state. These seem to be them most common of all the Colonial Coppers. At RGCD we enjoy all of these early American copper coins so we buy and sell all of them. Please send us an email with a few pictures of the coins you have for sale. 

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Info. from Wikipedia,

The United States large cent was a coin with a face value of 1/100 of a United States dollar. Its nominal diameter was 1​1⁄8 inch (28.57 mm). The first official mintage of the large cent was in 1793, and its production continued until 1857, when it was officially replaced by the modern-size one-cent coin (commonly called the penny).

Large cents were made of nearly pure copper, or copper as pure as it emerged from smelting, without any deliberate addition of other metals (such as occurs in bronze). If you want to sell any Large Cent coins we are located in Raleigh,NC and we pay top dollar for all coins. Call us at 1-919-740-4822. At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we sell & buy all Half Cents & Large Cents in our coin shop office located at 4801 Hargrove Rd. Raleigh, NC 27616.  We are open Monday-Friday 9:30 am till 4:00 pm and Saturday 9:30 till 2:00 Pm  

These Large cents are sometimes called Big pennies or large pennies but this is not the correct wording for these coins. There are what they say they are and that is One Cent. Just look at the back and read the words. But with the size much bigger than the one cents (pennies) we use today. So, numismatics and coin dealers call these old coins ( Large Cents).


First struck in 1793, the large cent was coined every year from 1793 to 1857 except 1815; When the United States declared war in 1812 against Great Britain, coinage was affected. The wartime embargo against shipments made it so the mint could not get any new copper planchets, which were imported from Great Britain, to strike coins.[1][2] The mint made do with what supply it had and struck coins into 1815. After the war ended in 1815, the mint wasted no time in ordering new planchets. For an unknown reason no coins were dated 1815 from the supply the mint had in the interim.[1] In addition to the copper shortage, people also hoarded precious metals during the war.[1]

Half Cent

The US Mint first minted Half Cents in 1793. The design changed many times at first,with low relief,then high relief half cents being minted. The years of 1798 and 1799 however no half cents were minted at all. But, in 1800 they started up the coining presses again to strike more half cents. From 1802-1811 half cents were produced every year. At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we are looking to buy all Half Cents you may have found in your coin collection. We have a great need for the dates from 1811 back to 1793. Please offer any of these half cents to us for a strong offer to buy. The US Mint stop minting half cents the following year in 1812 because of the great war. No half cents were minted again till much later in 1825. From that year till 1853 half cents we minted but not in every year. These latter date half cents are more easy to find than the pre 1812 years. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys even these later date half cents at our Raleigh coin shop. Just call or email for more info. The half cent values do change because of our needs and the collecting habits of the half cent collectors. But all half cents still have good value. See our Raleigh coin buyers list for some of our buying prices for these half cents. 

Early American - Washington Pieces (1783-1795)

Aa NGC dealers (#6175) the information on the Washington pieces below is from NGC


In his own lifetime George Washington became the subject of numerous tokens and medals bearing his portrait or, at least, an engraver’s imagined portrait of Washington. These were not produced during his tenure as commander of the Revolutionary Army, but rather were coined after his unanimous election as President of the United States in 1789.

While many of these pieces were produced subsequent to his death in 1799, even though bearing dates much earlier, quite a number were contemporary with his lifetime. These are the ones typically of greatest interest to numismatists, though the ones made during the opening decades of the 19th Century benefited from superior technology are more often to be found in higher grades. It is these later pieces that are most highly sought by less academic collectors.

Among the more interesting contemporary pieces is the GEORGIVS TRIUMPHO token, coined in copper in fairly large numbers. Bearing the date 1783, this is thought to be a reference to the peace treaty signed between Britain and its former colonies in that year. They were coined just a couple of years later and are known to have actually circulated during that decade. The portrait bust used is taken from coins of Britain’s King George III, but in this context the legends are believed to honor George Washington.

Also dated 1783 but coined decades later are a series of tokens bearing a left-facing bust of Washington wearing alternately a Roman toga or a military jacket. This was a very extensive coinage engraved and struck in England, and the many dies used resulted in numerous varieties of bust size and style, as well as pairings with different reverse types. Perhaps the most popular is a Draped Bust issue mated to a reverse in imitation of early USA cents. Curiously, the reverse legend reads UNITY STATES OF AMERICA. Both the Draped and Military Bust dies were mated to another reverse type portraying a seated figure modeled after Britannia on British coins. On these pieces the correct, though abbreviated legend UNITED STATES appears.

Extremely popular with collectors are the 1791-dated copper tokens actually denominated ONE CENT. These feature a handsome and fairly accurate bust of Washington facing left and dressed in a military jacket. Two major types are known, each displaying an eagle with a shield upon its breast. The first portrays the eagle with inverted wings, while the second and slightly scarcer type displays a smaller eagle with its wings upraised. Both have the eagle grasping an olive branch in its right claw and a bundle of arrows in its left, the whole ensemble being reminiscent of early United States Mint coins. These pieces, however, were coined in England as a proposal for a contract coinage that failed to materialize. Most of the high grade examples of each type known were preserved by British collectors, while the many worn examples actually circulated in America.

The 1790s witnessed the widespread manufacture of trade tokens in England, these being produced to make up for the absence of Royal copper coinage at the time. They quickly became popular with British collectors, and it was inevitable that the coiners would create numerous mulings of the various dies to sell at a generous profit to this market. Thus it was that the attractive portrait of George Washington from the 1791 cents was reused with a variety of reverse dies, and these other varieties differ in relative rarity but are avidly sought as relating indirectly to American coinage. The fact that most of them never saw that side of the Atlantic until decades later has become irrelevant.

Another popular entry in the Washington series are the brass tokens inscribed SUCCESS TO THE UNITED STATES on their reverse. Each features a right-facing bust of Washington, again in military dress, and they are known in two sizes. Since they’re typically found with little, if any wear, these tokens were evidently sold as souvenirs. The timing of their manufacture has been debated since the mid 1800s and has been placed anywhere from 1793 to the 1820s.
Many of the Washington tokens known to American collectors were neither produced nor circulated there, but rather they were issued solely for use in Britain. Known collectively as Conder tokens, after the man who first cataloged them, the values of pieces having purely British themes are typically lower than those that make even the vaguest reference to the USA. In the Conder series, several feature a right-facing bust of Washington in the usual military garb. These obverse dies were paired with several reverses to produce tokens which circulated as half pennies.

Among the more common and collectable entries are the Washington/Grate token, which indeed depicts a fireplace grate, and the LIBERTY AND SECURITY half penny, which bears a small eagle with upraised wings perched upon a shield. Both are dated 1795 and were likely struck in or shortly after that year. A much more skillfully engraved, left-facing bust of GW appears on the LIBERTY AND SECURITY penny, this token being almost medallic in its quality. Undated, it has been attributed to the same period. A 1795-dated version, this paired with a right facing bust of Washington, is also known and is quite rare. A 1793-dated half penny pairs a left-facing bust of Washington with a square-rigged vessel sailing to the right. This type was made in large numbers and bears a lettered edge. All of these pieces circulated exclusively in Britain but are readily collected by those interested in early American history.

Another curious issue in the long series of token pieces bearing a bust of George Washington is the North Wales half penny, so called for its inclusion of that legend on the reverse. Since the main device on that side of the token is a harp, symbolic of Ireland, this is an odd entry indeed. These tokens are believed to have been made solely to pass as a circulating medium, as none appear to have been preserved in high grades by contemporary collectors.

Among the more commonly seen of Washington pieces is the so-called Double Head cent, which features similar, left-facing military busts of GW on both sides. Undated, they are believed to have been coined in England during the 1820s or 1830s. Each bust resembles closely that on the 1783-dated Military Bust pieces described above and are thus attributed to the same source and time period. Both issues are inscribed ONE CENT, and they evidently circulated within the United States during the “Hard Times” period that followed the financial Panic of 1837.

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys and sells Washington Tokens from 1783 to 1795.

 From Wikipedia-Hard-times tokens are Large cents or half cents-sized copper tokens, struck from about 1833 through 1843, serving as unofficial currency. These privately made pieces, comprising merchant, political and satirical pieces, were used during a time of political and financial crisis in the United States 

 We sell and buy the popular Civil War Tokens. Minted in the 1861-1865 years !!!  

From Wikipedia- Civil War tokens are token coins that were privately minted and distributed in the United States between 1861 and 1864. They were used mainly in the Northeast and Midwest. The widespread use of the tokens was a result of the scarcity of government-issued cents during the Civil War.

Civil War tokens became illegal after the United States Congress passed a law on April 22, 1864 prohibiting the issue of any one or two-cent coins, tokens or devices for use as currency. On June 8, 1864 an additional law was passed that forbade all private coinage. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers sells and buys these Civil War Tokens in our Raleigh NC coin store.

Even if you live in Cary,Chapel Hill,Durham ,Greensboro or Fayetteville make that drive to Raleigh to visit us and receive the best possible price for your copper coins. The better the condition of the coin the higher we pay. Remember don't clean your coins !

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  Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys and sells ANACS ,PCGS & NGC certified Half Cents,Large Cents,Colonial coins, or Patterns, as well as non certified coins. Pattern coins are extremely rare & valuable. These coins are minted in really low mintages because they are not made for circulation but just to be tested as a new coin design. 


The Virginia Halfpenny of 1773


Although the April 10, 1609 charter for the Virginia Plantation included the authority to mint coins the colony did not choose to exercise this privilege until May 20, 1773, when the Virginia Assembly authorized the coining of a halfpenny at the Tower mint in London. The coin, engraved by Richard Yeo, was made of pure copper at a weight of sixty halfpence to the pound. Five tons of halfpence (about 670,000 pieces) arrived in New York aboard the ship "Virginia" on February 14, 1774. These fresh new coins were not distributed until written royal permission was obtained about a year later. The Virginia treasurer, Robert Nicholas, published a notice bearing the date February 27, 1775 in all issues of the Virginia Gazette   printed between March 2-16, explaining that "copper money is now ready to be issued in Exchange either for Gold, Silver or any Treasury Notes." Unfortunately soon after the initial release of the coins got started, the Revolutionary war broke out ! Consequently Virginians hoarded the new halfpenny, until the end of the war. Although the halfpenny contained the portrait of the king of England, it is clear these coins were used in the colony during the Revolutionary war and post war in the state of Virginia. We know this for a fact because of the fifty-nine coins found during the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg, forty were Virginia halfpence coins !

At some point during the Nineteenth century, Colonel Medes Cohen (1796-1879) of Baltimore acquired a large quantity of uncirculated specimens which he slowly sold off over a period of years. We do know that in 1929 Cohens descendants auctioned off all that remained of the find, some 2,200 coins. Several were in red mint condition but were either spotted or stained. Many of the halfpence were acquired by the dealer Waite Raymond and later resold. At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we to buy and sell these history holding Virginia Halfpence coins when we can. Please offer any you have for sale. The value of these Virginia half pennies as they are sometimes called does really depend on the condition. Please email pictures when possible. 


 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys all antique coins,Half cents,Large cents,Colonial coins,silver coins,gold coins,coin patterns,medals & tokens from people locally in Aberdeen,Angier,Apex,Archer Lodge,Bunn, Burlington, Butner,Cameron Village,Carrboro,Carthage,Cary,Chapel Hill,Clayton,Creedmoor,Cross Creek,Dunn,Durham, Emerald Isle , Fayetteville , Five Points , Fort Bragg , Franklinton ,  Fuquay-Varina , Garner , Greensboro , Greenville , Hillsborough , Holly Springs ,Jacksonville, Knightdale , Lillington , Lumberton , Middlesex , Morrisville , Morehead City , Newton Grove ,Pinehurst, Pine Level, Raleigh ,Rockfish, Rocky Mount ,Rolesville, Southern Pines ,Smithfield,Selma, Statesville,Tarboro , Wake Forest , Winston-Salem , Wilson, Wilson Mills,Wendell , Youngsville & Zebulon are local locations near me in Raleigh,NC  

   Special thanks goes out to Martha in St. James, NC. We got your Rare Pattern 1855 Flying Eagle Cent sent out for  NGC grading. 1/18/2020. Thanks again for selling your Rare coins & Gold coins to us. What a great coin collection you had ! We look forward to buying your bags of 90% silver coins soon. Thank you Martha !

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errors,Patterns & dies

error coins

Error cent and dime both struck on dime planchet

Error Coins and their value. We that one would not be quick. How much is my error coin worth ? Until it is sold it really is anyone's guess... Here is a Cent & Dime struck on dime planchet. Major error !  What's it worth ? Well to some a cent to others 10 cents and some other would say 11 cents (LOL) well it does have both designs on the coin right ? So, as you can say there is no real correct answer to the question,how much is my error coin worth. At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we buy & sell major mint errors. 

exciting patterns

Reverse of a 1855 Flying Eagle Pattern

What the heck you say. Patterns ?

Reverse of a 1855 Flying Eagle Pattern

  At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we buy & sell pattern coins. For those of you not familiar with this fascinating area of numismatics, patterns are prototypes for coins that, for the most part, were never approved for circulation. These patterns are more like test pieces. A few are minted and looked at, handled and thought about. Do we or should we make many others of these. Go into full production mode ? Many times the answer has been no. Most patterns are very rare, some unique, and others unknown outside of museums. But, at Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we do buy and sell rare pattern coins from time to time. If you have any of these rare coins Please give us a call 

Coin die

Coin Die used to make 1916 Forest City, NC Masonic Penny Token

It hard to believe but we evm have real Coin Dies ! These pieces of hard metal are what is used to mint a coin . 

  Very neat to have an original, uncancelled die,  like this one here. At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we buy & sell old used coin dies.