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Capped Bust Silver Half Dollar 1834 Obverse or front side in Very Fine Condition

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 The Capped Bust Half Dollar type design coin series ran from 1807 thru 1836 and includes many different dies. We buy all Bust coinage. Introduced in 1807, the Capped Bust Half Dollars represented the third design for the denomination. This design would be used until 1836, and in slightly modified form until 1839, before being replaced. Production for the series would be relatively high, with mintages usually extending into the millions. This is a big surprise for most who think a single coin from this era would be very rare. The Capped Bust silver coins were made in dimes,quarters, as well as half dollars. If you want to sell your Bust type silver coins we are located in Raleigh,NC and we pay top dollar for all type coins.

 Please give us a call if you have any Capped Bust Coins. We buy used and circulated coins as well as the PCGS,ANACS or NGC graded Bust Coins. Your capped bust coins don't have to be in mint new condition for us to buy them. We really enjoy the coins design and we will pay top dollar for your coins.  

 If you are a coin collector wanting to buy Capped Bust coins you can do that with us as well. We sell at local coin shows and thru this website. Just see our inventory on these coins. Our inventory changes all the time so if you don't see the dated Capped Bust  coins you are looking for today you can check back again or email us your coin want list to get even better and faster service. We are ANA Professionally Qualified NGC Capped Bust Silver Coin Dealers in Raleigh,NC.  Call us at 1-919-740-4822. At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we sell & buy all valuable coins in our Raleigh coin shop. 

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 We are the best and most highly trained numismatists in Raleigh who weekly buy & sell Early dated 1800's Capped Bust coins as the best coin buyers in the Carolina's. We offer a coin grading service so you can get the coin values you deserve.   We are appraisal experts in all Bust Coins. We are ANA trained with Certificates in both US coin grading and counterfeit detection.  

 The designer of the Capped Bust Half Dollar was John Reich, an immigrant from Germany who came to the United States in the early 19th century. He was recommended by President Thomas Jefferson to become an assistant engraver at the United States Mint in 1801. 

 The obverse of Reich’s new design features the bust of Liberty, facing left. She is wearing a cap, which is referred to as a Phrygian or Freedom Cap, a symbol of the American Revolutionary War. Liberty’s hair is curling and flowing gently downwards and a small part of her dress can be seen just below the neck. There are seven stars in front and six additional stars behind, representing the original thirteen states in the Union. The headband carries the inscription LIBERTY, and the date, slightly curved, is seen beneath the portrait. 

The reverse would be featured in various forms on much of the silver coinage of the 19th century. It features an American Bald Eagle, with wings spread and a bundle of arrows and an olive branch in its claws. A scroll above the eagle includes the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM, and nearly fully around is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The denomination, which is expressed as 50 C., is below the eagle. Reich was the first designer who consistently included the denomination within his designs. 

 As experts in the Bust type series we can easily pay the most money for your silver Bust dimes,quarters and half dollars. We also have Barber coins for sale in our coin store and online. Give us a call today.  

 If you want to collect Capped Bust type coins we can help with that too. Here is some advice for you. First look at all 4 different kinds of Bust coins. Do you want to collect the very small Bust Half Dimes or just the small Bust dimes ? The Bust quarters ? Or maybe you like the larger Capped Bust half dollars. You may want to keep your coin collection small at first by only collecting the non-Varieties, later adding in the over-dates or die varieties. Think about it . These are all nice sets of coins to collect but which one is right for you ? Try to focus on one grade, such as Good (G4) to VG (8) to start, but be open to making slight exceptions due to your budget limitations. The coin values mostly will increase.

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To find out more info. or to buy or sell your Bust coins just call us Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers at 1-919-740-4822

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we sell capped bust type half dollars

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