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Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers

 If you can't make it here for a visit during business hours.Contact us thru email or If you are mailing your coins to us make sure you ship your coins fully insured. Package your coins up inside a smaller box first,then inside the main shipping box.Our address is below.We will call you after we have inspected your coins and were ready to send  your check. We are private coin buyers & long time coin collectors. At we are always interested in purchasing any kind of coins with some value. But, before you send us any coins or currency, please read our conditions for mail purchases:

  • #1 Our payments will be made by company check in US Dollars.
  • #2 Your payment will be sent only after the items have been received inspected,counted,weighed & valued.
  • # 3 We will not send any payment in advance under any circumstances.
  • #4 The seller will be responsible for the costs of packing,shipping & Insuring your coins & currency.  Enclose your phone # with your list of coins !

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers

4801 Hargrove Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 27616, United States



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