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Jewelry Repair in Raleigh

Necklace Repair in Raleigh,NC


We know lot can go wrong with your necklace, but whatever it is, we can fix it. We are trained jewelers in Raleigh,NC and we will fix it right for you. Is that clasp getting harder to fasten? Our jewelers can replace it with a larger better one.Did your necklace get twisted ? We can fix that too. Just give us a call 1-919-740-4822 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers.

Ring Repair and sizing in Raleigh,NC

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 When your finger changes, or the ring is passed along to a whole new hand, we’ll resize it – up or down – for a perfect fit just for you !  Our jewelry experts will do the reconditioning to you ring to make it as good as new. We do jewelry repair in Raleigh for the lowest fees. That’s one of our specialties and we do it all the time for our customers. Let's get your ring fixed today.We do jewelry repair in Raleigh,NC. We even repair fine vintage jewelry and estate jewelry.

Bracelet Repair and replaced clasp in Raleigh,NC

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At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers our Jewelers can replace clasps and jump rings, which connect charms or clasps to the bracelet. If a link breaks or is damaged, we’ll fix it. If your diamonds on that beautiful tennis bracelet ever get loose or fall out,we will fix it for you ! We do jewelry repair Raleigh NC.  We are open Monday-Saturday at 3735 Junction Blvd. Raleigh,NC 27603. 

Custom Design in Raleigh,NC

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Do you have a dream piece of Jewelry ?  Something so beautiful it must be made just for you ! Our Jewelers care and we’ll work together with you to design and create a piece of jewelry as unique as you !! So, give us a call to talk to our Jewelers and make that time to stop by our Raleigh,NC shop. We will review your jewelry design.

Earring Repair in Raleigh,NC


 One of the more common jewelry repairs we do is to replace the earring back with a stronger a screw back. But, we can do more repairs and get a little custom with earrings as well if you like.Give us a call today in Raleigh at 1-919-740-4822 Let's us fix your jewelry today !

FAQs about Repair Fees

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Necklace small repairs  $39.95

Ring size up or down      $39.95

Bracelet small repairs    $39.95

Earring post replace       $39.95

Stone Replacement       Estimate

Custom work                   Estimate