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1929 Raleigh National Currency note,old bank money,small size national currency,$10 bill from Raleigh dated 1929,

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys old Paper Money in Raleigh

We Buy old currency paper money in Raleigh for the highest value

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers also buy paper money in Raleigh. From small fractional notes from the 1800'S to Large size Gold Certificates & Silver Certificates made as late as 1934. Confederate notes  and State Issued currency also bought for the highest possible value . Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers pays Top dollar for National US currency notes. We buy confederate paper money all the time in Raleigh,NC as they too are common to find in this area. Please call if you want to sell any paper money near me in Raleigh,NC. 1-919-740-4822.  Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers also buys & sells confederate paper money daily. RGCD also buys old town issued bank notes like this one here in the picture, (Raleigh) we buy all old paper money for top dollar in Raleigh, NC.  Do you have old money lying around that you don't know what to do with? Bring it in today and have our currency expert determine exactly what it is worth !! If it has any value, you can trade it in on the spot if you like.Whether you want to buy or sell old paper money at Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we will help you get a fair trade.

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 To better serve our eastern North Carolina customers we are proud to invite you to meet with 1 of us at the First Citizen Bank branch located at  101 Wakelon St, Zebulon, NC 27597. Call first to make an appointment for this location ! 1-919-740-4822. We are meeting with customers from Wilson,Rocky Mount or Greenville NC area. It is our way of meeting you halfway so you don't have to make that drive to Raleigh to sell us your valuable paper money. 

 We want to purchase your old currency and old paper money. So if you only have one rare note or an entire paper money collection – we want to do business with you. Paper money is very collectible and most older paper money will have value above just the face value listed on the bill.  We work with many currency collectors and most of the time we will be able to offer you the highest prices possible for your old paper money.  Don’t make the mistake of taking your paper money to a local coin shop or antique store, or even a pawn shop. Talk to us first, we are the currency experts on old paper money and the strongest buyers for old paper money in Raleigh North Carolina. We are also the top foreign currency buyers in Raleigh NC. As such we do buy world paper money from most other countries as well. Do you have some old bills from an uncle who served during world war 2 ? Did he bring back some foreign paper money ? It's pretty cool huh ? Well if you want to learn more about your old currency we are here to help. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers sells and buys all North Carolina notes and all other obsolete currency at our coin & currency store in Raleigh, NC.  We seek out currency hoards and offer the highest value for them. We can use currency hoards of Colonial notes,Confederate Bonds and Bills and all National Notes from any State. We also sell some really cool old paper money.If you purchase your collectible currency from RGCD online we also offer a free local pick up at our Raleigh coin store. Buy online and pick up your paper money today ! We run out of a smaller retail store just larger than an office to keep our overhead low. This way we can sell to you for the Lowest Price !! Please call ahead of pick-up for your purchased order.

 We buy Large denomination currency like the $500 & $1,000 notes from 1928 and 1934 !! We have old currency for sale online 24/7 and in our Raleigh,NC coin store. But, we are really low right now on collectible old currency so we are buying old money as well for the highest possible amounts right now. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is buying South Carolina and North Carolina rare coins and currency. We also sell these state notes in our Raleigh,NC coin shop as well as on our website 24/7.If you want to sell your rare North Carolina notes we need more right now and will pay the top dollar. We can pay by company check or cash for your old paper money. Just give us a call or email . We buy most old bills from almost any country just as long as they have some value. Confederate notes and Southern State notes needed now !!  At RGCD we are experts in Confederate currency. Buying and selling Confederate notes from the $1 up to the $500 Confederate Bills. Also Confederate bonds made during the civil war are also bought and sold. Whole uncut sheets of this currency is eagerly bought here at RGCD. We are very aggressively buying National Currency both small size national notes and Large size national notes for the most money. Call,text or email with pictures asap while our buyers are still paying so strongly. We are the Rare Currency advisors in the states of South and North Carolina and Virginia. Call or email and questions about old Confederate currency. We of course also have Civil War Currency for sale online 24/7 or at are Raleigh,NC coin shop. You can order online and pick up at the store the next day !! At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we make it Easy folks !

We buy all Southern states currency from all the states that issued it's own paper money during the civil war. We buy Alabama notes,Notes from Florida,Missouri,Mississippi,South Carolina,North Carolina,Texas & Virginia currency too. Mostly dated from 1861-1864 with really nice pictures on both the front and back of the notes. We love em' and we pay strong money to buy these southern states notes. Call or email and questions about old southern states currency.

The owner of RGCD grew up around Buffalo,NY and because of that he also seen a fair amount of paper money from Canada while still in his youth. His knowledge of Canadian money goes way back to his currency collection days as a teenager. We buy all currency from Canada and pay top dollar for Canadian bills made from 1870 to 1930.  Dominion of Canada bank notes were the most common Canadian currency he seen,but still he collected them anyways because of the different beautiful colors they had. Today at RGCD we buy any Canadian Dominion Bank Note. Canada's chartered bank notes were intended to circulate in the local area or city that the bank was located. All chartered currency were legal tender throughout all of the vast Canada lands. If you want to sell any bills from Canada we will buy them and pay top dollar in the Carolina's !  No One has as much knowledge about Canadian paper money in the southeastern US as we do. Let us know if you have already been offered a price by someone else – we will likely be able to offer more money after an examination of your paper money. We often pay more and in cash or payment can be made by company check your choice. We buy all collectible currency. RGCD is a top buyer in the Carolina's for rare paper money.  RGCD will give you the maximum value for your old currency and collectible paper money. We are appraisal experts in old USA paper money. ANA trained with Certificates in both US coin grading and counterfeit detection. To sell your old paper money for cash if you are near us in Raleigh just stop by our Raleigh coin shop today ! Or you live farther away you can mail your currency to us. Of course you can stop into our office if your looking to talk to our old currency buyers and your near me in Raleigh,NC. But, if your farther away and want to just ship your old notes & paper money to us,please email or call for more info before shipping your Insured old paper money to us in Raleigh NC.

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 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is an online coin & currency dealer. Sell your rare notes to the currency expert in Raleigh. We are the best coin & currency dealers in North Carolina, we sell coins & currency online and buy online as well. Just ship your collectible currency fully Insured and call first for more info. DO NOT MAIL YOUR VALUABLE COINS & CURRENCY UNINSURED !!  See our shipping program or email  for more info.  

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Here is a little more info from Wiki: 

The Confederate States dollar was first issued just before the outbreak of the American Civil War by the newly formed Confederacy. It was not backed by hard assets, but simply by a promise to pay the bearer after the war, on the prospect of Southern victory and independence.

As the war began to tilt against the Confederates, confidence in the currency diminished, and the government inflated the currency by continuing to print the unbacked banknotes. By the end of 1863, the Confederate dollar (or "Greyback", to distinguish it from the then-new "Greenback" paper US dollar, which was likewise put into circulation during the war) was quoted at just six cents in gold, and fell further still.

The Greyback is now a prized collector's item, in its many versions, including those issued by individual states and local banks. The various engravings of leading Confederates, gods and goddesses and scenes of slave-life, on these hastily printed banknotes, sometimes cut with scissors and signed by clerks, continue to stimulate debate among antique dealers, with even some of the counterfeit notes commanding high prices.

United States silver certificates were a type of representative money printed from 1878 to 1964 in the United States as part of its circulation of paper currency. They were produced in response to silver agitation by citizens who were angered by the Fourth Coinage Act, and were used alongside the gold-based dollar notes. The silver certificates were initially redeemable in the same face value of silver dollar coins, and later in raw silver bullion.

Since the early 1920s, silver certificates were issued in $1, $5, and $10 denominations. In the 1928 series, only $1 silver certificates were produced. $5 and $10 of this time were mainly Federal Reserve notes, which were backed by and redeemable in gold. In 1933, Congress passed the Agricultural Adjustment Act which included a clause allowing for the pumping of silver into the market to replace the gold. A new 1933 series of $10 silver certificate was printed and released, but not many were released into circulation. 

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers also buys more odd currency items like  US Military Payment Certificates or MPC were used as a form of payment used to pay U.S. military personnel in certain foreign countries. Though not well known or studied here at Raleigh gold Coin Dealers we do sell and buy these MPC notes that were used to pay U.S. military payment certificates. We also buy canadian paper money and some other foreign paper money. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys all Collectible US Currency. If your thinking of selling your old paper money think no farther than Raleigh Gold Coin & Currency Dealers we are the North Carolina rare currency collectors one stop shop. We have been buying and selling rare currency for decades and pay top dollar to buy them. If you are local to Cary,Chapel Hill,Durham,Raleigh or Wake Forest make that call to us today and stop by our Raleigh coin shop to get your cash or company check. If your on the east side of North Carolina like in Greenville,Goldsboro,New Bern,Rocky Mount,Tarboro or Wilson. You can also meet us at our Zebulon,NC bank branch office if you don't want to make that drive all the way to our Raleigh office. Call us for details and an appointment if you want to meet in the bank.

 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealer sells and buys US Fractional Paper Currency, These fractional notes were in use between 21 August 1862 and 15 February 1876, and issued in 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, and 50 cent. Call 1-919-740-4822 if you have any questions.

 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealer sells and buys US Colonial Currency . There were three general types of money in the colonies of America. Do you know what they are ?

Many people have asked what is a confederate dollar bill value ? While there is no quick correct answer at RGCD we can help you get the correct value for your confederate paper money. 

A United States Note known as a Legal Tender Note, was a type of paper money that was issued from 1862 to 1971 in the U.S. Having been current for over 100 years, they were issued for longer than any other form of U.S. paper money. They were known popularly as "greenbacks" in their day, a name inherited from the Demand Notes that they replaced in 1862. The word legal tender is a slightly confusing term used to describe any kind of old money that was issued as a United States Note. We buy all United States Notes from any era. Condition of the note will change it's value as well. Bills or Notes without small pin holes or larger holes will of course bring more money. We buy old US Currency for more money that other coin dealers around the country, so call us or send an email with pictures of any US Notes you might have for sale. If the paper money didn’t earn interest, wasn’t bank issued, and wasn’t backed by a precious metal like gold or silver then it was usually referred to as a legal tender note. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys United States Legal Tender Notes in our Raleigh NC coin shop.

At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we also buy PMG graded and certified paper money for the highest value possible by a currency dealer in Carolina's. RGCD buys large denomination currency too. See our $500 & $1,000 Bills for sale online or in our Raleigh coin store. We are your local rare currency buyer who pays the highest value.

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So if your looking to sell your paper money and your in the Raleigh, Cary,Chapel Hill ,Durham,Greensboro,Rocky Mount & Wilson NC area we are a expert currency dealer and coin shop that would buy these old currency notes from you for the highest value. We buy error paper money as well,Just give us a call or text at 1-919-740 4822. We buy Large Money like the $500 Bills and the $1,000 Bills from 1934 or 1928. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers pays the best value for your paper money in NC give us a call and we will prove it !!  If you have valuable old paper money that you haven't touched in a number of years now may be a great time to have them evaluated. To sell paper money today just call 1-919-740-4822

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