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Wallace Dining Silverware are known for collections such as their 1810 line, a basic but historic design, and their Aegean Weave Gold Accent collection. Having gold accents on top of a 100% sterling silver piece makes these silver dining ware especially beautiful and valuable. In addition to the traditional silver plate setting pieces, Wallace also produces sterling silver serving pieces, such as a silver butter knife, cold meat fork, .925 sterling silver pie server, silver sugar spoon, pierced serving spoon, and more. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is buying all sterling silver.


Towle Sterling Silverware is perhaps the oldest fine sterling silverware you will find in the U.S. dating back all the way to the 1690’s. If you are looking to sell antique flatware, such as the Towle sterling silver pieces, you can always sell silverware at our Raleigh precious metals office. Towle has a number of designs, everything from sleek to sophisticated, and are commonly used not only for entertaining, but as everyday silverware as well. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers pays you the most cash in North Carolina for your sterling silverware. Call us today at 1-919-740-4822

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys all .925 sterling silver tea sets, including all sterling silver tea sets and high end brands such as Tiffany and Reed and Barton. We are also interested in partial sets and just cups,also we buy sterling silver candlestick holders & sterling silver trays (which can be large and heavy). That's great news for you !

Do you have any fancy patterns of sterling silverware? We will buy it! Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys sterling silver hollowware for the most cash in North Carolina. We also buy gold accented sterling silverware. Since we are a local Raleigh shop, and a reseller of sterling silver we are able to pay a higher price than a place that will just be melting it down for scrap metal. Sell sterling silver flatware in Raleigh to the #1 Silver Buyer, Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers !

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Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys all Sterling Silver,flatware,hollow ware,sterling silver tea set etc.

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys all Sterling Silver,flatware,hollow ware,sterling silver tea set etc.