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Raleigh Coin Dealers Sells .999 Silver bullion & .999 silver

Patriot silver round Mason Mint 1 oz, .999 silver round 1 oz American Revolution,Don't tread on me 1 oz .999 fine silver round.

.999 Silver Bullion is Sold by Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers

 At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we sell .999 Silver Bullion Rounds. From the small 1oz silver up to the large 10 oz silver bullion rounds we sell them all.Generic silver rounds as they are sometimes called is really a good name for them. Many 1 oz .999 fine silver rounds are made by different manufactures. As far as value goes an ounce of silver is worth an ounce of silver. So, why not buy generic silver rounds ? Well we really don't have a good answer.In fact that is what we recommend you do.Just buy the lowest price silver you can if you are a silver investor or silver stacker. That way when silver again goes UP in value you can sell some and receive very nice profits ! At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we have the best price on silver rounds at our Raleigh,NC coin shop. Stop in and see for yourself or for a quick look into some of our inventory see our online store under Silver Bullion. Yes we buy silver rounds too !

 Important note: We sell silver using the silver price per ounce. Also known as Spot Silver Price.

 We have a small retail coin store/office for private sales or purchases. Plus we are an online silver bullion exchange for you to exchange your paper money (cash) into silver bullion,silver eagles or 90% silver coins.   

 At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we sell  silver bullion and silver rounds. RGCD is a local leader in precious metals sales. 

Currently we are selling the silver rounds at the best price in NC. We accept cash,credit cards and Paypal.  
We are also the local coin store in Raleigh to Buy bulk silver bullion rounds.RGCD has the lowest possible spreads on silver. We sell silver bullion for the lowest possible prices. Currently we are selling to wholesale dealers the silver bullion at spot silver value plus $.99 per ounce if paid in cash or company check ! We run out of a smaller retail store just larger than an office to keep our overhead low. That way we can sell silver bullion to you for the lowest price.Just stop in during business hours to see some of our silver bullion rounds inventory. 

  At RGCD we buy all silver rounds for the highest possible amount. We don't have a large overhead that almost all coin dealers or coin buyers do because we buy & sell from an office not a retail shopping center where the rent is sky high ! So, we can and do pay you much more money for your silver rounds ! But, don't believe us TRY US. Go to another coin buyer or pawn shop first get their quote then come see us for our much higher quote. It really is that easy ! RGCD is the best place to sell silver rounds in Raleigh,NC and the surrounding area on the east coast.  

Some of the name of manufactures of silver rounds we sell are : The Royal Canadian Mint, Republic Metals, Johnson-Matthey (JM), Credit Suisse,Sunshine Minting ,Engelhard, A-Mark, Golden State Mint, Monarch Precious Metals and several other prominent silver producers.


Also we sell  5 oz ,10 oz ,20 oz,50 oz & 100 oz silver bars. See our silver bars page or our online store heading Silver Bullion. 

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers also sells & buys all the 5 OZ Silver America the Beautiful Silver Coins - The America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin™ program, honoring the splendor of America's National Parks, is one of the most-talked-about United States Mint Bullion products ever released! The obverse of these 5 oz  silver bullion coins is nearly an exact replica of each quarter-dollar that has been released in the mint's America the Beautiful circulating quarters program

Here is some info. on the Large Silver Eagle Look alikes but with different weights. These disks are referred to as"American Eagle Silver", but they are not.  Most of these silver disks were produced by several different private mints from the late 1980's and into the early 2000s. Also the Silver Eagles are a trademark of the US Mint.

Silver disk bullion are much larger than the original American Silver Eagle coin which is (40MM).  These larger silver rounds or disks range in size from 1/4 pound troy to 1 pound troy.  One pound troy is 12 ounce troy.  Needless to say, this is large bullion coin and looks and feels heavy.   The design closely resembles the American Silver Eagle design, but it has noticeable differences to the eye.  Generally speaking, the minting quality is less detailed than the original US Mint Silver Eagle.  In addition, the images have small differences, so they are not exact copies.  Another important feature to note, is that they don't have a face value. But, the US Mint Silver Eagles all have a $1 Face Value. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers does sell all of these odd size large silver disks as well when in stock. We have bought silver locally from people in Aberdeen,Angier,Apex,Archer Lodge,Bunn,Butner,Cameron Village,Carrboro,Carthage,Cary,Chapel Hill,Clayton,Creedmoor,Cross Creek,Dunn,Durham, Emerald Isle , Fayetteville , Five Points , Fort Bragg , Franklinton ,  Fuquay-Varina , Garner , Greensboro , Greenville , Hillsborough , Holly Springs ,Jacksonville, Knightdale , Lillington , Lumberton , Middlesex , Morrisville , Morehead City , Newton Grove ,Pinehurst, Raleigh ,Rockfish, Rocky Mount ,Rolesville, Southern Pines ,Smithfield,Selma, Tarboro , Wake Forest , Wendell , Wilson,Youngsville & Zebulon are all local locations near me in Raleigh,NC

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers

4801 Hargrove Rd. Suite 12

Raleigh,NC 27616


1 oz .999 silver mason mint silver round, rocket to the moon 1 oz .999 fine silver round.

We pay top Dollar for Silver in Raleigh and we are the best coin shop to buy your silver BULLION in North Carolina ! Saturday. Open 10 Am till 2PM Monday-Friday. 9:30 Am till 3:30 SATURDAY. OPEN 10 AM TILL 2PM

2019 Patriot silver round mason mint, 1 oz .999 fine silver 2019 Patriot silver bullion round.

WE Sell .999 Silver Bullion Rounds & Bars



Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers

4801 Hargrove Rd Suite 12 

Raleigh,NC 27616

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 Raleigh's Best Coin Dealer to Sell Coin Collections,Silver, Rare Coins, Gold & Bullion.Or to buy silver rounds for a small premium over the silver spot price.

 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is buying physical silver coins  and silver eagle's locally in Raleigh NC for the highest prices !! To find the silver price per ounce Call us now from the local towns of Cary,Durham, Chapel Hill, Greenville,Rocky Mount,Wake Forest, Wilson or Greensboro area.