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We buy & sell Early Silver Dollars

 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys & sells Early Silver Dollars like Bust Silver Dollars,Seated Liberty Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars.

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys Bust Dollars: Issued 1794 to 1804

 Among early silver dollars, the Draped Bust obverse combined with the Small Eagle reverse may be the scarcest type. Minted from 1794-1798 and scarce to find today. 

 The Large Eagle Bust dollars were minted from 1798 through 1803. In later years, “restrike” pieces were produced dated 1804 as were Proof restrikes from new dies bearing the dates 1801, 1802 and 1803. Among business strikes, examples most often encountered are mostly seen dated 1798 or 1799. Those dated 1800 are scarcer, while those dated from 1801 to 1803 are considerably scarce. The 1804 is in a league of it's own. Extremely Rare with about 2 dozen real ones known. At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we buy any real Bust Dollars at a fair coin value. Please offer.

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys Seated Liberty Dollars: Issued 1840 to 1873

 The Liberty Seated style Silver Dollar was first produced for large-scale circulating coinage in 1840. From then through 1865, coinage of the “No Motto” reverse type was continuous.  The Liberty Seated dollar design was modified in 1866 by the addition of the motto IN GOD WE TRUST on the ribbon or scroll above the eagle on the reverse. Otherwise the design is the same as that which had been in use since 1840. The With Motto type continued in use through 1873. All Seated Liberty Dollars are collectible and harder to find than the later Trade Dollars. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is always looking to buy any Liberty Seated Dollar we can.So offer us any you have for sale.

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys Trade Dollars: Issued 1873 to 1885

 The coin collector today can buy a trade dollar in grades from Fine through AU. Some pieces display chopmarks, consisting of Oriental characters impressed by bankers and merchants when the pieces circulated in the Orient. Today many fakes are found that are more newly made by casting the real coins therefore making fake Copies of them. It is said and believed that this is mainly done in China. So, if you have any Trade Dollars make sure to have them checked out by a professional numismatist. Real ones can have some very good value today. The reverse reads 420 grains 900 fine, with Trade Dollar written below. The value of a Trade Dollar depends on my things. 1st. is condition and the most important. 2nd. is Chop Marks if any are on your Trade silver dollar of course this will lower the value.These Chop Marks as they are called are sometime found on Trade Dollars that we minted in the USA but,we then sent to the far east as payment. Chop Marks are Chinese characters stamped onto the coins by merchants in China in order to validate the weight, authenticity and silver content of the Trade Silver Dollar. At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we still buy these damaged chopmarked silver dollars as most are real Trade Dollars but, now with more history on them.

Early American Silver Dollars are some of the scarcest of all U.S. coin series. From the Flowing Hair and Bust Dollars of the 18th Century to the Seated Liberty Dollars and Trade Dollars, these are most desirable and a proud addition to any collection. Most of these early silver dollars were melted in the 19th and early 20th century (1918) making these far more difficult to locate than mintages might indicate. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers pays the most money for these old silver dollars.


We pay the most cash for coins !

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers pays the most cash for your coins. RGCD will give you the maximum value for your Early silver dollars ! We also are selling coins to coin collectors locally in Raleigh,Cary,Durham,Charlotte & Fayetteville area but early silver dollars are mostly sold when we attend coin shows out of state. If you are looking to buy or sell Bust Dollars,Seated Dollars or Trade Dollars give us a call for the best deal.

  Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys and sells ANACS ,PCGS & NGC certified coins as well as coins that are not yet certified. We are appraisal experts in early US Silver Dollars. ANA trained with Certificates in both US coin grading and counterfeit detection. NGC certified Dealer # 6175. To sell any early silver dollars for cash or check  just give us a call or email with pictures before you stop by 4801 Hargrove Rd. Suite 12, Raleigh, NC 27616. We are open Monday-Friday 9:30 am till 4:00 pm and open Saturday 9:30 till 2:00 Pm 



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 Pays More For Bust Dollars !  

 To better serve our eastern North Carolina customers we are proud to invite you to meet with 1 of us at the First Citizen Bank branch located at  101 Wakelon St, Zebulon, NC 27597. Call first to make an appointment for this location ! 1-919-740-4822. We are meeting with customers from Wilson,Rocky Mount or Greenville NC area. It is our way of meeting you halfway so you don't have to make that drive to Raleigh to sell us your early Silver Dollars coins. 


We sell & buy raw and graded Bust Dollars

 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys all Flowing Hair Dollars & Bust Silver Dollars for the true silver dollar value from coin collectors anywhere in the USA including the local towns below. Aberdeen,Angier,Apex,Archer Lodge,Bunn,Butner,Cameron Village,Carrboro,Carthage,Cary,Chapel Hill,Clayton,Creedmoor,Cross Creek,Dunn,Durham, Emerald Isle , Fayetteville , Five Points , Fort Bragg , Franklinton , Fuquay-Varina , Garner , Greensboro , Greenville , Hillsborough , Holly Springs ,Jacksonville, Knightdale , Lillington , Lumberton , Middlesex , Morrisville , Morehead City , Newton Grove ,Pinehurst, Raleigh ,Rockfish, Rocky Mount ,Rolesville, Southern Pines ,Smithfield,Selma, Tarboro , Wake Forest , Wendell , Youngsville & Zebulon and all are local locations near me in Raleigh,NC

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1804 Bust silver dollar

1804 Bust silver dollar