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Do you need some coin grading help ? Let us help you today at Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers

 Here is why we are here for you.#1 For Free online coin grading help. #2 For submission of your raw (uncertified) coins to the major grading service of NGC or ANACS for encapsulation and proper grading of your coins,currency or medals.As you will see below coin grading is not so simple !  Also first see this page 

At the bottom is a short video on grading some small Indian head pennies. Much more is being worked on to add many more coins to our online grading Help !

The largest coin grading companies are NGC & PCGS & ANACS. These companies have been in business for decades. We will help you understand more about the art of coin grading. It can take many years to really understand how to properly grade a coin. Most people say their coins are in good condition or bad condition. That's two grades or conditions. If only it was that easy folks. Below is a complete list of how coins are graded by serious coin collectors and dealers.


US Coins are graded on a scale from 1 to 70. These standards were adapted in the 1970 by the ANA from the first coin grading scale called " the Sheldon scale " which was used for Large Cents. This scale encompass traditional terms such as Good, Fine, Extra Fine & Uncirculated and assigns a numerical value in which to compare to other coins of the same type. The scale starts with PO 1 Poor (think really,really bad) and continues up to Mint State (think Brand Shinny New) coins which runs from MS 60 to a perfect coin in a MS 70. To understand the coin values you must know the coins condition. We can do that for you !!

  Code(s) and Description:

 1Poor  PO Clear enough to identify, date may be worn smooth with one side of the coin blanked. Coins that are very badly corroded may also fall under this category.2 Fair FR Some detail shows 3 - 3.5 About Good AG Readable lettering although very heavily worn. The date and design may be worn smooth.4 Good G,  Rims of the coin are slightly worn, design is visible, but faint in areas, with many parts of the coin worn flat. Peripheral lettering nearly full.6 Choice Good G+,  Rims of the coin are complete. Peripheral lettering is full. 8 Very Good VG,  Slight detail shows, with two to three letters of the word LIBERTY showing in coins with this feature. 10 Choice Very Good VG+,  Slightly clearer design-features, with five or possibly six letters of the word LIBERTY showing in coins with this feature. 12 Fine F,  Some deeply recessed areas show detail. All lettering is sharp. The letters in the word LIBERTY show completely in coins with this feature, but may be weak. Moderate to considerable, but even wear throughout the coin .15 Choice Fine F+,  Slightly more detail in the recessed areas of the coin. 20 Very Fine VF,  Moderate wear on the higher surface features. 25 Very Fine VF All lettering and major features are sharp. Light to moderate, but even wear is seen on the surface and high points of the coin. 30 Choice Very Fine Ch.VF  All lettering and major features are sharp. Light, but even wear is seen on the surface and high points of the coin. 35 Choice Very Fine Ch. VF   All lettering and major features are sharp. Light, but even wear is seen on the surface and high points of the coin. Traces of mint luster may show .40 Extra Fine XF / EF Overall sharpness. Light wear seen at the highest points of the coin. Details of the coin are sharp. Traces of mint luster may show. 45Choice XF Ch XF         Slight, overall wear is seen at the highest points of the coin (examples being raised features). All the details are full and very sharp. Mint luster may show only in protected areas of the coin's surface (Such as between the star points).50 About Uncirculated AU Traces of wear at the highest points of the coin. At least half of the original mint luster remains. 55 Choice AU Ch. AU   Three-fourths of the original mint luster remains. 58 Choice AU Ch. AU   Almost all of the original mint luster remains (very,very close to NEW) . MS now the coin is finally Mint State as in NEW Condition. If you still need help with your coin grading you can rest easy knowing we are here to Help !!!  The Owner Louis Gouchie is an ANA member and has completed courses on coin grading.We are certified NGC coin dealers as well and can even send out your coins for NGC grading. So, if you want a coin appraisal or just want to get your coins graded and your near me in Raleigh,NC just call us.We can help you get your rare coins graded. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers at 1-919-740-4822 and ask for Louis if you have any coin grading questions. 

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