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.999 Silver bullion


 At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we sell .999 silver bullion bars & rounds. From the small 1 oz. silver rounds/bars up to the large 100 oz. silver bullion bars,we buy & sell them all.We sell using silver price per ounce. Also known as Spot Silver Price.  

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is one of the best places to sell silver in the Carolina's. Here is a short list of some of the manufacturers of .999 silver bars that we buy & sell: The Royal Canadian Mint,Republic Metals Corp, (JM) Johnson-Matthey,Credit Suisse,Sunshine,Engelhard,A-Mark,Golden State Mint,Monarch Precious Metals and several other silver producers. We have a small retail store/office for private sales or purchases. Plus we are an online silver bullion exchange for you to exchange your paper money (cash) into silver bullion,silver eagles or 90% silver coins.  

Also we sell many different weights of silver bars. Here is examples: 1 oz,5 oz ,10 oz ,20 oz,50 oz & 100 oz silver bars. We are your local coin shop & the local silver bullion dealers in Raleigh. Give us a try and you will be glad you did. 

To buy silver bullion for the best price or sell .999 silver for the highest value,just give us a  call :  919-740-4822.  

Open Monday-Friday. 9:30 Am till 4:00 PM 

Saturday  Open 9:30 Am till 2PM

We Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers we buy & sell all .999 silver bullion. Both in silver bar form or in the popular silver round form. We are the best silver bullion dealers in Raleigh,NC because we buy from listed prices changed constantly and we sell online and in our coin shop by using that moments spot value silver price on the market ! Giving you the best selling value for your silver bullion.While at the same time selling .999 silver bullion at the most accurate silver price. We offer a cash discount to our local silver bullion buyers. If you purchase your .999 silver bullion  from RGCD online we also offer a free local pick up at our coin store. Buy online and pick up your .999 silver bullion today !  

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers also sells silver bullion for the best price both online or even better yet in our Raleigh coin shop.  

We are also the local coin store in Raleigh to Buy bulk silver bullion.RGCD has the lowest possible spreads. We sell silver bullion for the lowest possible prices. Currently we are selling to wholesale dealers the silver bullion at spot silver value plus $.99 per ounce if paid in cash or company check ! We run out of a smaller retail store just larger than an office to keep our overhead low. That way we can sell silver bullion to you for the lowest price.Just stop in during business hours to see some of our silver bullion inventory.


Raleigh's Best Coin Dealer to Sell Coin Collections,Silver Bullion, Rare Coins, Gold Coins

 Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is selling physical silver locally in Raleigh NC for the best value !!

Currently we are selling the silver bars and silver bullion rounds at the best price. See our Silver Bullion in our Raleigh coin shop store or at our online store.

 Call us at 1-919-740-4822 if you want to sell any Silver for our strong offer. Collectors from Durham, Fayetteville & Wake Forest make the drive to Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers to buy and sell their silver to us. Give us a try you will be glad you did !! 

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