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Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers Local Coin Buyer Raleigh & Durham

 Pre 1933 US Gold coins,$20 Liberty and $10 Liberty & $5 Indian Head gold coins from collection with $5 Liberty gold coins as well as $2 1/2 Indian head & $ 2 1/2 Liberty Gold Coins.

We Buy Gold Coins & .999 Gold Bullion from Cary,Chapel Hill,Durham in Raleigh NC

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is a full service coin dealer in precious metals and rare coins. We encourage you to browse our selection of gold coins, silver bullion & silver coins or rare numismatic coins, and feel free to call us at 919-740-4822 with any questions. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers purchases all Gold coins both old classic gold coins & modern gold coins as well as buying .999 Gold bullion coins. We buy and sell coins including Gold,Silver,Platinum,Palladium & rare coins in Raleigh,NC.Rare early copper coins are also bought and sold every week in our Raleigh coin shop. We buy & sell the Scarce Key-Date coins found in the Red Book for our local coin collectors in the Raleigh area.We have a reputation for offering top dollar in Raleigh,North Carolina for your gold and silver numismatic items. Our experienced numismatists are ready to examine your coins,gold,silver or medals and give you the greatest competitive offer. 

 No One , Absolutely No One - Pays More For Quality Coins !     


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  We buy Canadian gold coins like the gold Maple Leafs which are .999 pure gold and we pay the most money for them. Raleigh's best coin buyers is Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers. Stop by or give us a call and let us evaluate your gold today !! We buy American Gold Eagles,Double Eagles,Indian Head Gold,Liberty Head ,Pre-1933 Gold Coins like $20,$10,$5,$3,$2 1/2,$1 Gold Coins and so much more.We are the top rated local gold dealer in the Raleigh NC triangle area. We will pay you the top value for your gold coins in the Carolina's. We are the best place to sell silver & gold and we are located in Raleigh NC. To sell gold coins near me in Raleigh just stop by or call us at 1-919-740-4822. There is never any pressure to sell and in fact, if we believe you could get more money for your items elsewhere, we will tell you that ! Our goal is to ensure that when you have gold or silver for sale you receive the best price possible, even if it’s not with us. We will do our best to be the best place to sell gold in the Carolina's !! We are the premium gold coin dealers in North Carolina. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is ranked the best place with the best prices online for you to buy bullion gold coins in North Carolina. Stop by our Raleigh coin store today.Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers also buys and sells ANACS ,PCGS & NGC certified gold coins as well as non certified gold coins. Yes,we will buy all your gold coins !! Graded or Not it's okay with us.To sell any gold coins for cash stop by our coin store at RGCD 3735 Junction Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27603. 


To sell your Gold Coins Monday-Friday. Were Open 9:30 Am till 4:00

To sell your Gold Bullion Coins Saturday Open 9:30 Am till 2PM


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 Our location in Raleigh on the map : https://raleighcoindealers.com/#21b3f4d1-d30e-4645-90e2-b9a95012f33c 

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We buy all Platinum and Palladium coins from any country . Examples include American Platinum Eagle both Proof and Uncirculated coins. 4 pc sets and all fractional platinum coins. 

We also buy Proof Platinum Eagles for the highest value. Currently we are buying Proof Platinum American Eagles for over the spot value on the daily market.  

We are buying Johnson Matthey Palladium stillwater coins 

We buy Canadian Palladium Maple Leafs coins NEW

Also buying the US Mint Palladium coins NEW Condition.  

To buy or sell Platinum or Palladium Bullion Coins Monday-Friday. Were Open 9:30 Am till 4:00 PM.After 4pm Call 

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Our buy prices for Platinum & Palladium Coins here:


 email raleighcoindealers@yahoo.com

rare key date 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar NGC XF40 Condition Carson City Mint 1889 Silver Dollar circulated

We buy Rare Coins from Cary,Chapel Hill,Durham in Raleigh NC

We buy and sell all gold coins,silver coins,ANACS, NGC and PCGS graded rare coins as your top local coin dealer in Raleigh. We are looking for rare key dates inside your coin collection and will pay top dollar to get them. We are a trusted local NGC coin dealer who buys rare coins in Raleigh from coin collectors. We are fast growing company and with our new our online buying list we have been buying rare coins from all over the country.Our founder Louis Gouchie is an ANA member and has been collecting coins for over 40 Years. He has also been a full time coin dealer in Raleigh for 20+ years. Where he has owned or co-owned 3 different coin shops in Raleigh. We are part of NGC's network of reputable Authorized Dealers. Louis is the most knowledgeable gold dealer & old coin buyers in Raleigh. He started his coin collection at the age of 7. We buy coins for cash at our Raleigh NC coin store. See our coins wanted by collectors information on our coin buyers list.  https://raleighcoindealers.com/raleigh-coin-buyers-list-1  This will help give you the coin values that we pay as rare coin dealers. We buy & sell USA coins as well as foreign coins. If you are looking for a coin dealer near you and your in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill triangle look no further. RGCD are NGC authorized dealers who pay more for your NGC graded coins. We are always buying NGC certified coins in NC for the best price. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers buys and sells ANACS ,PCGS & NGC certified rare coins as well as non certified coins. Our founder Louis has been Buying Rare Coins in Raleigh for over 20 years. You will find Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers to be honest and very fair in pricing your coins– we are one of the very few national coin dealers who publish their buying prices online! We pay the most cash for your coins,check out our buying and selling prices to see for yourself.  No One , Absolutely No One - Pays More For Quality Rare Coins !       

We are updating our rare coins for sale in Raleigh web page so stop back again for a great selection of rare coins.

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 To sell your old coins,gold coins or too sell rare coins if you are near me in Raleigh NC just stop by our coin store or call us @ 1-919-740-4822. We started out as coin collectors back in 1974 and by 1999 we became full time coin dealers in Raleigh,NC. With 2 ANA certificates in Numismatics from Coin grading and Counterfeit Detection. We are professional trained,well studied in the field of coin collecting as well as precious metals trading. Put our decades of experience to work for you. We're here to help !  Stop👏 by during business hours for a super offer on your old coins,rare coins,old currency or rare currency,bullion,graded coins etc.


To buy or sell Rare coins Monday-Friday. Open 9:30 Am till 4:00 PM. 

To buy or sell Rare coins Saturday. Open 9:30 Am till 2PM

 We are a NGC Dealer #6175, ANA Gold Member #3123240 , & Graduate of Numismatics 

If you want to buy Rare Coins click here for our current Rare coins for sale online: https://raleighcoindealers.com/shop?olsPage=t%2Fworld-silver-coins&page=1&sortOption=descend_by_price 

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is a great coin shop to buy rare coins from. but, we are also a great rare coin shop to sell your coins to as well. We buy and sell any rare coins.  Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is an online rare coin dealer. From Gold coins and Rare coins to the more common silver coins we buy & sell them all at the best price in the Carolina's !!

 We also buy a large variety of numismatic items including foreign coins, paper money, medals & tokens, bullion coins, ANACS, NGC & PCGS graded coins & error coins.

Are you not sure if you have rare coins ? We will help you find out today !! Sell your rare coins today. To sell rare coins for cash all you have to do is stop by our Raleigh coin shop and we will help you out ASAP. Attention Cary,Clayton and Garner we are rare coin buyers near you. Call us if you have any for sale.  Thanks to the Greenville NC family who sold us their rare coins last month!!

 For more info. on rare coins click here:   https://raleighcoindealers.com/sell-rare-coins-raleigh 

Peace & Morgan silver dollars we buy and sell:

https://raleighcoindealers.com/buy-morgan-dollar-raleigh .

Seated Liberty half dimes,dimes,quarters,half dollars or Seated Liberty Silver Dollars we buy and sell:


     To buy rare coins locally in North Carolina or see our coin price guide 


Visit our online Raleigh coin shop today.

90% silver coins,peace dollar,walking half dollar,franklin silver half dollar,silver coins,morgan silver dollar,mercury head silver dimes,barber silver quarter,standing liberty silver quarters.

We sell & buy Silver coins from Cary,Chapel Hill,Durham in Raleigh NC

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is the trusted local coin dealer near you in Raleigh who sells & buys all silver coins for the best possible price. Some examples include, Old US 90% silver Roosevelt Dimes, Pre-1965 silver Washington quarters ,Mercury head dimes, Barber quarters,Standing Liberty quarters,Ben Franklin & Walking Liberty half dollars,1964 Silver Kennedy Half Dollars as well as Morgan Dollars and Peace silver dollars.

 No One , Absolutely No One - 

  Pays More For Silver Coins !     

We have the Best Silver Coins price anywhere.

Our Selling prices here:



  For more info. on silver coins click here:  https://raleighcoindealers.com/sell-silver-coins-raleigh   

 Call for a quick price quote to sell your gold coins or silver coins near me in Raleigh, NC. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is the best coin dealer in Raleigh to sell coins too.We are also well known as the silver coin sellers to sell to you at the lowest price in NC. Many silver coin buyers BUY from US. We buy ALL coins that have real value and are worth money. It doesn't matter if the coins are from overseas and from some far away country.We buy all silver & gold coins !! RGCD the best place to buy or sell coins in Raleigh for the best prices. We have silver coins for sale online 24 hours a day with different silver coin specials every month. We are updating our 90% silver coins for sale in Raleigh web page so stop back again for a great selection on silver coins.   Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is the best place to buy silver coins online. To buy 90% silver coins click here:   https://raleighcoindealers.com/shop?olsPage=t%2Fsilver-bullion 

 No One , Absolutely No One - 

  Sells Silver Coins for less !     

So whether you want to buy or sell silver coins RGCD is the number 1 best place to go to in NC.We also buy the 35% silver war nickels that many coin dealers do not buy. See why we are the best place to buy bullion silver coins in Raleigh NC.We are ranked the top silver buyers in all of NC.We are not a coin pawn shop but an experienced local coin shop with trained experts who pays top dollar in cash $$$ for any silver coins. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is a gold & silver dealer who buys all precious metals coins including Gold,Silver,Platinum & Palladium. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers also does an exchange for your silver coins for our cash. RGCD also buys worldwide coins and worldwide currency. See our world coin page for more info. on foreign


RGCD buys and sells US Mint made products. Examples include US Mint Sets, US Mint Proof Set & US Mint Commemorative Dollars. We are selling & buying physical silver in Raleigh NC for the highest possible values. This can be both US silver coins or world silver coins. Raleigh's Best Coin Dealer to Sell Coin Collections,Silver, Rare Coins, Gold & Bullion is Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers. We have bought coins from people all over the area including Aberdeen,Angier,Apex,Archer Lodge,Bunn, Burlington, Butner,Cameron Village,Carrboro,Carthage,Cary,Chapel Hill,Charlotte Concord,Clarksville Va, Clayton,Creedmoor,Cross Creek,Danville Va,Dunn,Durham, Emerald Isle , Fayetteville , Five Points , Fort Bragg , Franklinton ,  Fuquay-Varina , Garner , Goldsboro , Greensboro , Greenville , Hillsborough , High Point , Holly Springs , Hope Mills, Jacksonville, Kinston , Knightdale , Lillington , Louisburg,Lumberton , Middlesex , Morrisville , Morehead City ,Nashville,New Bern, Newport News Va,Newton Grove ,Pinehurst, Raleigh ,Roanoke Va,Rockfish, Rocky Mount ,Rolesville,Sanford, South Boston Va,Southern Pines ,Smithfield,Selma, Tarboro ,Virginia Beach Va,Wake Forest ,Wendell ,Wilmington ,Wilson,Winston-Salem & Zebulon which is near me in our Raleigh coin shop.   Attention Cary,Clayton and Garner we are gold & silver buyers very near you. Call us if you have any for sale or just stop by during business hours.  

To buy or sell Silver Coins were open Monday-Friday. 9:30 Am  4:00   

To buy or sell Silver Coins Saturday were Open 9:30 Am till 2PM

  We are the silver buyers to give you the best price in NC. RGCD the local coin shop to visit in Raleigh when looking to sell your silver coins for the best value. So if you were looking for the best coin buyers in the Raleigh area you are in luck. Attention Cary,Clayton and Garner we are silver coin buyers near you & we pay the most cash for silver coins in the Carolina's. Call us if you have any for sale. We give you the best price for your silver and we sell silver coins for the best price in Raleigh,NC


   For more info. on silver coins click here:  https://raleighcoindealers.com/sell-silver-coins-raleigh  



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