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 Older United States silver coins (made in 1964 and before) are now in huge demand in the USA because of their silver content. (Many of these old silver coins were melted down many years ago.) At one time these were referred to as – junk silver – because they had no special collector value at the time but they only had their silver value. The term { Junk silver } is still used today to refer to old usa silver coins. However, times have changed. Today “junk silver coins” are becoming much harder to find and almost impossible to find in change. $1.00 worth (face value) of silver dimes weighs the same (and has the same silver content) as a $1.00 in silver quarters, which also weighs the same as $1.00 in silver half dollars. For example, 10 dimes, 4 quarters, or 2 halves all have the same weight and are 90% pure silver composition. So, as junk silver coins these are all worth the same value. We are a 90% silver coins dealer and numismatic coin buyers in Raleigh, NC we buy 90% silver coins and we buy silver coins from all over the world, any country and any purity of silver. 


A typical dollar face value in circulated US silver coins when minted contained silver equal to about 71 % of a troy ounce of pure silver. These circulated silver coins are considered by many as a good way to invest in the silver market. They are sold by coin dealers in bags by their face value per bag. To sell silver quarters in Raleigh NC or to sell your silver dimes just give us a call or stop by. We pay a very fair value for your silver coins and pay in cash or by check.  Sell silver coins for cash today. We purchase all silver coins minted in the USA and world (foreign) silver coins. We give you the best value !

At Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers, we trade in 90% silver in any quantity on a daily basis. If you are looking to cash in on your 90% silver coins call us now at 919-740-4822. We also buy most old coins even if not silver. We do buy Half Cents,Large Cents,Two Cent Pieces, Three Cent Pieces,scarce twenty cent pieces & 35% Silver War Nickels minted during World War 2 from 1942-1945 these are the silver nickel years. Other dates of nickels are Not silver . Stop by our Raleigh coin shop or give us a call and let us evaluate your silver coins today !! If you want to know who buys silver coins near me in Raleigh you found the highest paying silver coins buyer Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers. Do you want to Buy 90% silver ? Of course you can buy that as well from the best coin dealer in Raleigh,NC. If you looking to buy silver coins for sale near me in Raleigh or sell junk silver coins near Raleigh,we are here to help.

Here is a short list of silver coins with 90% silver or pure silver that we are selling & buying today !!  We pay cash for silver.

 No One , Absolutely No One -  Pays More For Silver Coins !     
We buy the following silver coins:

  • All Mercury Dimes
  • All Barber Dimes
  • Pre-1965 Silver Roosevelt Dimes
  • All Barber Quarters
  • All Standing Liberty Quarters
  • Pre-1965 Silver Washington Quarters
  • All Barber Half Dollars
  • All Walking Liberty Half Dollars
  • All Ben Franklin Half Dollars
  • All 1964 Silver Kennedy Half Dollars
  • All 1965-1970 Silver Kennedy Half Dollars
  • All Trade Dollars
  • All Morgan Dollars
  • All Peace Dollars
  • All Silver Eagles

 We buy & sell silver coins in Raleigh NC during the business hours of 9:30am-4pm Monday-Friday & Saturday 9:30am-2pm. Stop👏 call for a super offer on your silver coins and .999 silver bullion coins. The owner has been buying coins in Raleigh since 1999 !! We are paying the most money as your selected coin buyers in Raleigh. The better the coin condition the more we will pay.   We are the top silver coin buyers in Raleigh. We pay the top dollar for your coins in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Don't clean your silver coins !! Some may have tarnish on them and that's okay.Silver does tarnish !! Cleaning your silver coins will most likely cause scratches on your coins. This will lower the eye appeal of the silver coins and may lower the value of the coins as well. #1 Rule is Don't Clean Coins !To find out more info. or to buy or sell your silver coins just call us Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers at 1-919-740-4822. We are the most reliable & trusted gold and silver coin dealers.

We are a NGC Dealer #6175, ANA Gold Member #3123240 , & Graduate of Numismatics

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North Carolina's best place to sell silver dollars and coins.Currently we are selling the 90% silver coins at the best price in NC. We are your silver buyers in North Carolina and we pay strong for good coins worth money in Raleigh.

We sell 90% silver coins for melt value plus a small fee and for sellers we are the best place to sell 90% silver coins in Raleigh NC. The best silver coin buyers Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers. We have a good selection of old silver coins to buy online at  RGCD. Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is a local silver shop located on the 

north end of the capital city in Mini City - Raleigh NC.

We are a silver bullion exchange for cash.

If your in the Raleigh area and you want to sell silver coins for 

cash near me just stop in our Raleigh coin shop located at: 

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers

4801 Hargrove Rd Suite 12 

Raleigh,NC 27616

Phone # 919-740-4822

Currently we are buying the 90% silver coins at the best price in NC the silver coins value we pay using today's spot silver value on the market.

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Sell 90% Silver Coins in Raleigh North Carolina.We are your local coin shop & The local bullion dealers in North Carolina.

Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers is buying physical silver coins locally in Raleigh NC

 with our Cash for silver Raleigh program.

The owner of Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers has bought 90% silver coins near me from people in Aberdeen,Angier,Apex,Archer Lodge,Benson, Bunn,Butner,Cameron Village,Carrboro,Carthage,Cary,Chapel Hill,Charlotte,Clayton,Creedmoor,Cross Creek,Coats, Danville Va ,Dunn,Durham, Emerald Isle ,Erwin, Fayetteville , Five Points , Fort Bragg , Four Oaks, Franklinton , Fuquay-Varina , Garner , Goldsboro , Greensboro , Greenville , Hillsborough , Holly Springs ,Jacksonville, Knightdale , Lillington , Louisburg, Lumberton , Middlesex ,Moncure, Morrisville , Morehead City , Nashville, Newport News Va,Newton Grove ,Pinehurst, Pine Level, Pittsboro,Richmond Va,Princeton, Raleigh ,Rockfish, Rocky Mount ,Rolesville, Sanford,Southern Pines ,Smithfield,Selma, Spring Hope, Tarboro , Wake Forest , Wendell , Winston-Salem , Wilmington ,Wilson,Willow Springs, Youngsville & Zebulon are all local locations near me in Raleigh. So if your looking to sell silver coins near me and your location is near Raleigh or any of the above towns,

you found us and we are here to help you sell silver coins locally to the coin collectors who pay the most money for them.

 There is never any pressure to sell and in fact, if we believe you could get more money for your silver coins elsewhere, we will tell you that ! Our goal is to ensure that when you have silver for sale you receive the best price possible, even if it’s not with us.  

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